What To Look For When Buying A Cigar Humidor

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We get a lost of gift buyers interested in the Harley-Davidson® cigar humidors as a gift for their friend or loved one. Most are unaware of what the humidor is used for or what to look for in a quality humidor. We've composed this guide of general information to help educate on the history and purpose of a cigar humidor.

Humidors in general have a number of different uses. Generally made from small wooden or acrylic boxes, they are used to keep cigars, pipe tobacco and other smoking elements in a humidity controlled environment in which they won't dry out. Although most are small, you may sometimes find larger humidors such as walk-ins (cigar shop), cabinet humidors (furniture) and even table humidors.

Harley Davidson Cigar Humidor

Colorado Rockies are known for storing their game balls in a large humidor to balance the long term effect of Denver's high altitude and low humidity.

Cedar & Why It Is So Commonly Used

The most commonly used wood for humidors is cedar, which is typically used as an interior veneer because it offers some needed characteristics for cigar storage:

  • Cedar has the ability to retain moisture more than most woods which helps to create a humid environments inside of the humidor.
  • The cedar scent puts off an aroma that is highly desired in cigars. This aroma is often times soaked into the cigars when stored in a cedar veneer humidor.
  • Most woods tend to warp over time when exposed to high levels of humidity. Cedar is not prone to do so and thus increases the stability and seal created by the boxes interior.
  • Tobacco beetles can cause huge amounts of damage when infesting a cigar collection. Cedar helps to repel these pests as does the correct amount of humidity and the correct temperature.

Desired Humidity

We recommend a relative humidity of approx. 68-72% depending on the preference of the smoker. It is best to keep the level below 75% or you may stand a risk of hatching tobacco beetles inside the humidor. All humidors contain a humidifying element which will keep the air and the cigars moist. Most of these devices are passive and release humidity through evaporation. In these elements it is best to use a solution of propylene glycol and distilled water at a mix of half and half.


You will also want to keep the temperature below 77°F to prevent hatching of eggs from the tobacco beetle. However, at temperatures lower than 54°F, the aging process of the cigars may be impaired which is not desired by smokers. Direct exposure to sunlight is not recommended either as this will increase temperature inside the box and will can also have negative affect on the cigars over time.

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